Guess what arrived.. my first [second] dakimakura and Hakuouki OCFs!

The ~box~ Maillady ringed our bell at 10:45 AM.. I was showering. Grandma couldn’t find the money to pay her the tax for.. So she told me to get downstairs right immediately, mind you, I just got out of the shower so I had to wrap a towel around me and go downstairs to help her find it. When I got there, she had the money in her hands *facepalm* I stood there, naked, water dripping everywhere and with no glasses. How much did I have to pay ? €64 – which shocked me cause that’s SO MUCH .. I only had €45 so she was going to take it with her again ;___; And then asked my grandma if it was an important package.. uh, all of my packages are important ?

So she took it with her, brought it to the stop-post office a couple of streets further and told me I could pick it up at 1 PM there DX I walked all the way lol but I still got lost *facepalm* I picked up the box, it was HUGE and a little on the heavy side so I went with the bus back >O>

Came home and first thing I had to do was HIDE the pillow sheet inside cause it’s NSFW @_@ It’s REALLY NOT SFW!!!!!!


Took everything away.. The Hakuouki OCF set and the pillow plus the sheet that’s NSFW 8D;






So I hoisted the pillow into my Hakouki dakimakura cover 8DDDD The Hakuouki sheet is 160x50CM and the pillow only 150x50CM – you don’t really see it but lol .. gotta buy one of 160x50CM too >O>

The sheet of the left is of the game Migite ga tomaranai boku to shinjin nurse .. which I found out yesterday is an extremely R18 game lol :’D One side of the Hakuouki pillow.. Kazama!!!!!!



The other side of both sheets .. the even more NSFW pillow sheet of the game and Okita looking not happy xD

Guess how I’m gonna sleep tonight ;D

I asked my grandma to take a picture of me clinging around the pillow but she wouldn’t do it lolwat |: She told me to ask my grandpa to do it wtf.




He’s keeping my bed warm :DDD

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2 Responses to Guess what arrived.. my first [second] dakimakura and Hakuouki OCFs!

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  2. dango says:

    im jealous =___= i want one!!! T^T

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